Chartered Accountant Services you Should Know

The accountancy profession has been growing at a high rate in the recent times. Some of the things that have contributed to this are the huge changes occurring in the economy. To handle these changes, the country has been placing so much responsibility on Chattered Accountants. There are many types of functions performed by chartered accountants not just in Canada, but worldwide. Here are some of the most essential and universal ones:


This is the generation of accounts and preparing financial statements. Accountancy encompasses a broad area starting from the simple bookkeeping to the compound financial analysis.


The most vital function of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is compliance audit. It’s where an accountant’s skill, judgment, and specialized training come into play. Through auditing, the users of financial statements get to know if the financial accounts presented by the accounts have been drawn up as per the accounting principles. The statements should also represent a fair and true view of the organization’s state of affairs.


The current tax information is becoming essential to the business management effective economics. Assessment of taxes is closely linked to the financial accounts. With all the experiences, a chartered accountant is always in a better position to offer tax services.

Cost accountancy

A chartered accountant has also been trained on ascertaining the production and processes costs at various operation levels involved in rendering service or when manufacturing a product. He or she is also capable of providing cost information to guide the management, introduce cost control methods, and also help the company to establish the ideal selling prices.

Other company work

The chartered accountant services can be sought out regarding matters like the formation, liquidation, and the financial structure of limited companies. The certified professional accountant (CPA) can also take on registration and secretarial work, among other tasks.


A company can call upon a chartered account to carry out an investigation on the businesses’ financial status in relation to matters such as reconstruction, issuing of new share capital, or business financing. This is done to get to know the reasons behind fluctuations in profits or to achieve greater efficiency in administration and management.

Now you know why you need to get chartered accountant services and some of the things they can do for your company. To get quality services ensure that you are working with certified chartered accountants from reputable accounting firms. Additional resources are available at the Edison CPA website.

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