How Your Eyebrows Play a Vital Role in Your Appearance

Believe it or not, it’s your eyebrows which do the actual talking. They are not-so-secret portals into one’s personality. Eyebrows are a mirror of our physical and mental health. Eyebrows are one of the most undermined features of facial expressions. A neatly trimmed and properly shaped pair of brows goes a long way in creating a lasting first impression. When we say that our eyes are dancing with joy or anger or excitement, it’s actually the eyebrows that do the dancing. A botched up brow job can create the impression of a baby caterpillar running after its mother. Whereas, a thick, well-maintained, and structured pair of brows oozes of power and charm. A woman can garner attention with a delicate swish of a well-tailored brow.

Conversations can be halted or resumed with a well directed flick of a brow. The proverbial “Looks can kill”, can actually be manifested by a single raised brow. Our eyebrow is an abyss of emotion. Raising a single eyebrow signifies doubt. When both are raised, it means a look of surprise. And when eyebrows fly past the forehead (occurs literally only in cartoons!), it denotes extreme astonishment. Simultaneously raising and lowering each of the brows can convey sarcasm without a single word being spoken. 

Have you wondered why we remember Mona Lisa’s smile, but the most distinct feature of Queen Cleopatra that comes to the forefront was indeed her eyebrows? Wolverine’s animalistic vibe can be credited to an extent to his spiked brows. Spock’s carved eyebrow was one of the contributing factors to his other worldliness.  Chaplin’s brows were one of the pillars of his outstanding act. Even Voldemort’s absence of brows gave character to his sinisterness. Einstein’s bushy brows are going to be remembered by generations to be come. There is a dance form with its origins in India (Kathakali) which focuses on emoting detailed gestures by the movement of elaborately decorated eyebrows.

Blessed are those who have a well endowed pair of brows. Dense brows are back in fashion recently, with natural beauty being the trendsetter and supermodels endorsing thick bushy brows nowadays. Well don’t lose your sleep over lean brows  

Here are some easy tips and tricks to maintain a healthy pair of eyebrows:
1. Combing eyebrows is not just a hobby of the sixties villains.  It contributes towards a beautiful eyebrow.
2. Castor oil is said to stimulate the growth of eyebrows. Dab a little castor oil on a swab of cotton, and swipe it gently over your brows.  After twenty five minute, using your index finger, lightly message your brows starting from the bridge of your nose towards the tip for nearly five minutes. Then wash it off with luke warm water. Check out for allergies before using! Aloe Vera gel also helps.
3. Take care to wipe your eyebrows as well when cleansing your face. Residue in the hair follicles leads to clogging of the minute pores, which is followed by rashes and pimples.
4. A little touch of eye pencil and hint of eye shadows, when carefully applied on the eyebrows, can add a dramatic flair to any look.
5. A healthy diet goes a long way in maintaining a luscious pair of brows.

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