Maintenance Tips For Your Metallic Roof

Many people have a hard time believing their ears when they find out about the need of maintenance for their metallic roofs. Well, yes! Metallic roofing does require maintenance or more precisely, inspections to see whether it has incurred damage due to snow or ice or hail despite its imperishable durability factors. It is a well known fact that metal roof is the most durable roofing material one can buy and hence is the selling point. If you are considering getting metal roofing, use a reputable company like Heather & Little that has prior examples to show their craft.

Although most metallic roofing does not require more than a few thorough inspections over a year, here are some points that will guide you through maintaining your metallic roof in a better way:

1. Cleaning

This is the fundamental of maintaining any roofing system. Very often the roof gets buried under leaves and other debris from the trees above it. Wash your metal roof at least once annually to protect it from corrosion from dirt and pollen as well as to give it a nice appearance. Remove the debris from the gutters that results in water backing under the roof line. Always make sure you have cleaned up the valleys on the roof where water accumulates most often.

2. Prevent Damage From External Factors

This might sound a bit unusual but the abrasion resulting from the contact of trees and bushes during strong winds can definitely tarnish the finish of a metal roof. Always make sure that the trees in the vicinity of your roof are trimmed so as to ensure no damage due to external factors.

3. Refrain Yourself From Walking On The Roof

Most of the metal roofs are engineered well to impart them enough strength to sustain human weight without suffering any damage in function or appearance but you should try to refrain yourself from walking on them too often. Always make sure you have the complete knowledge of the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard before you go on the roof.

4. Check The Sealants And The Screws

You must be familiar with the properties of metal and how the change in temperature affects its behavior. A metal roof lacks the elasticity as present in the composite roofing systems – It expands and contacts due to temperature changes which may cause cracks in the sealants used between the metallic sheets causing them to separate. This is important in terms of inspection although the newer butyl sealants claim to last more than two decades. Also make sure you check the screws that have been put to hold the roof in place as the repeated expansion and contraction can loosen the screws.

5. Proper Painting

You might get the feeling sometimes that the appearance of your metal roof is making you wearisome and needs a much needed painting touchup. In that case, make sure you clean the entire surface that is to be painted very well so as to prevent any debris from getting trapped underneath the paint surface. Always make sure that the paint you are using is metal friendly and that you avoid spray painting technique as the breeze can blow the paint away from the target area. Try using a brush or a roller instead. Apply two coats of paint to ensure the longevity.

Metallic Roofs are definitely a wise choice whenever it comes to choosing your roofing options due to their durability and low maintenance factors. The versatility in their designs and their other capabilities such as fire resistance are only a few qualities that standard metal roofing offers.

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