Three Tools to Increase Productivity in Your Restaurant

Every successful business needs to have high productivity to remain successful. Hiring new employees is a good way to stay productive, but it won't save your company money. The following five tools will increase your ability to serve a massive amount of patrons, and it will bring your company profits in the end:

1. Credit Card Payment Machines

You can do something to see an immediate jump in profits if your business does not yet accept credit cards and debit cards. You can add a credit card payment machine to your system. Almost 90 percent of Canadian consumers have credit cards, and they use them. Not having a credit card machine and a merchant account is like shooting your business in the foot.

2. Restaurant Paging Systems

Restaurant paging systems allow you to have control of seating your customers. Having a paging system intact during a busy rush will ensure that you squeeze in every customer you can get to a table. You can also use server paging systems for your food servers. Those restaurant paging systems alert your servers the moment the food is ready for their clients. You save time that way.

3. Two-Way Radios

Every restaurant should have two-way radios as a part of its arsenal of tools. The radios will allow you to quickly contact workers and get them back on the floor. This is quite useful in a situation in which one of your employees is outside doing maintenance work, and you need him or her to come back inside.

4.Restroom Monitors

Restroom monitors can help you immensely. It is important to have restroom monitors because your restrooms are the most important rooms in the building. Customers who experience dirty bathrooms may not ever come back to your establishment. You don't want to take a chance on losing your patrons. The monitors will notify you when the bathrooms need maintenance. Such monitors usually measure the need by the amount of traffic they detect.

5. Server Tablets

Finally, server tablets can help your business immensely. You can buy a fleet of tablets for your servers and have such tablets connected to the ticketing system and the POS system. That way, your servers can take orders and put them directly into the tablets instead of writing them on paper and then walking to a single terminal to enter them. They can also collect monies with their tablets if you add swiping tools to them. Server tablets can boost your productivity to amazing levels.

Now you know of five tools you can use to increase productivity within your business. You can start increasing your workload as well as your profits as soon as you can start using the previously mentioned tools.

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