What You Need to Know About Prosthodontists

If you have never heard of prosthodontics before, you are not alone. This is a recognized specialty that many dentists are going into. This area of expertise in the oral health world pertains to the diagnosis, treatment, rehab and maintenance that patients who have missing or deficient teeth need.

Many patients who have missing or deficient teeth or other issues with the maxillofacial tissues in their mouths need help with the comfort, overall health, appearance and function of their teeth and gums. This is where prosthodontics comes in.

Who Are Prosthodontists?

Prosthodontists can help many individuals with their oral health problems. These professionals complete dental school, and they also must go to three more years of school at a graduate program that has prosthodontics as a field of study. In general, one of these professionals will be able to help you whenever you need something replaced in your mouth.

How Can a Prosthodontist Help You?

If you are a dental patient, there are many ways that a prosthodontist can help you. First, if you would like to improve the look and overall esthetic appearance of your teeth, gums and smile, a trusted professional in this field can help you. If you are missing teeth or have teeth that need to be removed because of decay or any other reason, prosthodontists can create a new line of teeth for you so that you don’t have to continue living with damaged or missing teeth. This can be embarrassing and cause many problems for patients. Often, the new teeth that you will get from your prosthodontist will be in the form of partial or full dentures, and they will teach you how to wear and take care of them.

Furthermore, many people struggle with the function of their jaw and teeth. If this is a problem for you, you need to see a prosthodontist who will be able to restore function to your teeth and jaw and allow you to speak, eat and breath regularly again.

Do You Need to See a Prosthodontics?

If you are interested in seeing a prosthodontist to for any teeth problem that you may have, you can contact your dentist, who will have a list of accredited and certified prosthodontists throughout North America. You will be able to find a specialist this way, and they should be able to help you with whatever problems that you have. Again, make sure to contact your dentist or orthodontist first as you will most likely need to have a referral before meeting with your prosthodontist.

It is extremely important to take care of your oral health. The field of prosthodontics may be able to help you with your oral health and smile if you have been experiencing oral problems. For more information, visit Prosthodontic Associates.

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