Why A Security Guard Management System Is An Absolute Necessity?

What Is Security Guard Management System?

As is implied from the term, a security guard management system is a software that allows control, monitoring and management of the security guards on duty. It provides convenience to both the management and the security guards. The system offers all the necessary functions, which includes attendance and time registration, security patrol tracking, real-time communication between other guards on duty as well as the management, online reporting system, and some more customizable features. Remember, this software is designed to increase the efficiency of the security guards on duty and not to replace human intelligence.

Why Is It Necessary?

The duty of security guard is quite demanding and needs the guards to stay alert at all times. It is imperative that the guards on duty be able to communicate with their colleagues as well as the control room as and when needed. The tracking system will not only keep the guards on their toes, but will also ensure the security of those on duty.

Security guard management system allows creation of checkpoints. Checkpoints are strategically identified points within the secured area that covers a part of the complete area. The system allows immediate update about the status of the checkpoints between specified time intervals.

Security guard management softwares like SilverTrac effectively simplifies and modernizes the entire system. Implementing it help in the following manners –

  • Simplification – The clutter of paper work often brings down the effectivity of the security guards on duty. Maintaining security is a demanding job. If there is too much of paper work load added to it there will definitely be some negligence in reporting. This management system removes the unnecessary paper works and introduces simplified templates that will allow guards to fill out reports in a jiffy.
  • Accountability – In absence of a modern tracking and recording system often there happens lack of performance of duty for which no one is held accountable because the records are maintained in papers and are often too cumbersome to track. However, in case of a system controlled management, tracking and determining flaws in the guard patrol is easy and can be rectified easily.
  • Reliability – With a secured system in place, the information about every patrol is easily accessible and retrievable. This allows faster and better dissipation of any dispute regarding negligence of mismanagement of guard duty.
  • Automation – There is no need to have unnecessary manual tasks for the management of guards. Most of the process is automated, which includes daily and hourly reporting along with recording of videos and images.
  • Budget friendly – Removing redundant processes and saving time ensures higher productivity at lower investment. Thus, the system makes guard management much more budget friendly.

It is important that with the changing time better and more responsive security system is evolved. A well connected real-time security management software helps in achieving this objective. Thus, security guard management system is the need of the hour.

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